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About us

ServiData was founded in 1997 with the main objective of providing outsourced specialized field support services for the banking and card processing industry in Puerto Rico.

We understand the challenges of managing that operation in-house. Dealing with sudden changes in volumes, handling vacations, absenteeism, mileage and per-diem costs, and so on.

Outsourcing field support services to us is the right decision. You pay a flat fee for a service and are only charged for the services that you use. Your success is assured by our total commitment to you and your customers along with our unique mix of multidisciplinary talents and experience. Our track records speaks for itself, our long lasting relationship with well known companies is always our best advertising. ServiData will be there for you.

Our Services

POS Field Support Services

We are the largest provider of POS field support services in Puerto Rico. We configure, deploy, replace, reprogram and pickup POS terminals of brands such as Ingenico, Verifone, Poynt and others. Our team of technicians throughout the island allows us to achieve a 24 our Service Level in over 96% of the cases. You can take advantage of our experience, having performed over 200,000 service calls. ServiData is a PCI Participating Organization and we were the first on the island to have PCI-QIR Certified professionals.

Testing and refurbishing of POS equipment

We run POS terminals and pinpads through a rigorous testing process to verify that all its functionalities are operating properly. The aesthetics of the terminal are also evaluated in accordance to the bank/processor requirements. If the equipment passes the tests we clean it and package it for reuse.

Field Support for Cash Management Products

We install and train bank customers in the use of a variety of Cash Management services for ACH and Funds Transfer transaction initiation, balance reporting, acceptance of utility payments, remote deposit capture and more. The bank can focus its resources in selling and maintenance, we will coordinate the visit to the customer, provide the training and report the results to you through a custom web services portal.

Distribution of thermal paper rolls

We receive up to 45ft containers in our warehouse and store pallets of thermal paper rolls. We then process individual orders to deliver supplies to merchants. It results in a much higher customer satisfaction level than having the merchant go to a branch to get a few rolls.

Project Management

If you only need a project coordinator to schedule meetings or a project documenter to write reports please look elsewhere. For us, managing a project means to do whatever is necessary (between the boundaries of what is corporate, legally and morally acceptable) to ensure that the project is successful. You need a seasoned PMP who can extract the talents of a project team and devise ingenious ways to deal with the usual stumbling blocks found along the way.

Ingenico Repair Center

We are the Ingenico repair center in Puerto Rico. As such we are prepared to diagnose and repair Ingenico equipment sold by the Latin American Region in Puerto Rico. Please contact your Ingenico representative for details.

We are...

We take pride in being the best at what we do through continuous education, cross-training policies and sharing of best practices. Whether you need a PMP certified Project Manager, a PCI-QIR certified professional or a licensed Professional Industrial Engineer; you will find one at ServiData.

When you entrust us with a service you can rest assured that we will execute the task to the highest standards. At ServiData there is no passing-the-buck; you and your client are depending on us and it is our responsibility to deliver; period.

We run a lean orgaanization. Each administrative level has the appropriate empowerment to make the necessary decisions to keep the operation running smoothly. We can make adjustments quickly; no bureaucracy here.

We design our processes and manage our finances wisely in order to provide the highest quality of service at an incredibly competitive price.

ServiData is a misssion-critical service provider for very large enterprises. We have highly tuned Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery processes backed by extreme redundancy measures such as four different internet carriers (two wired, one wireless and one satellite), two emergency power generators providing three weeks of continuous operation without refueling (one propane, one gasoline), alternate operational site, home offices, and more. We test our plans annually and are audited by a recognized CPA/IT Security Auditing firm.

Latest News


ServiData becomes a Panini Authorized Reseller

Whether you need a Panini scanner for a Remote Deposit Capture application or for your branch automation needs, you now have the local presence of Panini through ServiData.


The first PCI-QIR Certification in Puerto Rico

If you are a vendor of payment applications or user of one, you must comply with the PCI mandate that the application must be installed by a certified PCI-QIR professiona (Qualified Integrator and Reseller). Up to now there were no such professionals in Puerto Rico; but now you can find more than one at ServiData.

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Location: 1618 Ponce de Leon
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